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We help NGOs and other Non Profit Organizations by making websites or providing any other form of technical assistance for free .

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Designing free Websites and providing technical assistance to NGOs

With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic , people have been forced to stay indoors for their own safety as well as to contain the virus from spreading . This has been a huge setback to all those NGOs which used to rely heavily on physical modes of communication in order to spread awareness about the cause they fight for. We know that technical assistance required to bring an organization online , is pretty costly. Hence we at Solvable are commited to try and solve these technical challenges and help NGOs gain an online presence . We provide this sevice for free so that NGOs can spend their resources towards their noble cause.

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A programmer 💻 by heart ❤️ , designer 👨‍🎨 by mind 🧠 and having a taste for innovation 🧑‍🔬 is what defines me 👍 . I love learning new stuff 💡 while increasing connections 👬 and looking out for every opportunity I can grab in life ✌️.

Dushyant Lavania

An engineer 👷 at heart ❤️ , entrepreneur 🎯 by mind 🧠 and an ever-learning 📝 spirit is what defines me 💪. I love marketing 📫 and am currently the HR head at ShareX and Vice President at the Youth India Foundation , KIIT road chapter ✌️.

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